About Action Services Company


Master Locksmith Ron Silberman & Locksmith Apprentice Lucy

Action Services Company brings you over 30 years of professional service to the Greater Hartford/Eastern CT areas. Whether you want to create the safest environment for your family, secure your livelihood or anything in between, we have the training and experience to lead you to your objective.

On the Commercial side; having been responsible for security, master key design and key control, keyless entry and exit systems in various hospital, restaurant, retail and commercial environments, we have the experience and know how to manage the complex security needs of today.

  • We regularly attend classes & seminars staying abreast of today’s exciting new products and innovations.
  • All of our Locksmiths are licensed by the CT Department of Consumer Protection. This process includes complete background checks by the CT State Police and FBI.
  • Our Locksmiths are certified in High Security systems; including ASSA, Russwin, Corbin, LCN, and others.

On the Residential side; the excitement of the high tech commercial systems have trickled down to residential applications allowing the use of touch pad access and key control an everyday affordable option.

  • Schlage and Arrow offer a reliable touch pad deadbolt and/or entry system that have many keyless options.  From multiple codes to single use codes, the system is exciting.  A one time code would be used for a one time service person allowing use only once.
  • Standard deadbolts with matching entry sets come in a variety of styles and colors allowing your mind to wander. Select what you fancy and we will ensure one key fits all in a pick resistant configuration and install them per manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Completing a security audit will allow you to identify hidden needs and create the safest environment for your family.

Whether it is deadbolt installation on a garage door or integration of a high security key system with key audit controls, you can count on Action Services Company to perform professionally at all times. Please call (860) 537-1932 today so we can discuss your needs and schedule a security audit adding you to the list of our very satisfied customers.