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Look no further; you have found your Glastonbury CT Locksmith, Action Services Company; a licensed and insured local business with many authentic reviews that has been serving our area for years!  Glastonbury CT Locksmith services are at your finger tips; because a town with so many amenities attract such a large population of criminal parasites, calling the Glastonbury CT Locksmith, Action Services Company is a great first step towards securing your home, office and most importantly, your family.  While you are at work, enjoying the River Park, shopping downtown or enjoying our outdoor activities, the parasites are at work conspiring to invade your priGlastonbury CT mapvacy, endanger your sons and daughters and wreck havoc.  If you have never changed the locks on your home, a simple, economical repining of your cylinders will eliminate all prior keys.  Adding the correct touch pad deadbolt will ensure your family has immediate access to your home even without keys; combinations can be given and taken away from neighbors without the embarrassment of asking for keys, etc.  Call your Glastonbury CT Locksmith, Action Services Company today; 860 537-1932

Keeping Your Home and Office SAFE” call youGlastonbury CTr Glastonbury CT Locksmith, Action Services Company today!   860 537-1932


Action Services Company is a family owned, full time mobile locksmith security company dedicated to the local Glastonbury, CT area. Owned by Ron and Stacy Silberman, we have served the Greater Glastonbury, CT area for more than 35 years. Our “Wonder Dog” Lucy accompanies Ron on most calls as long as it is cool enough for her to stay safely in the van. The kids are grown and all live in the surrounding Glastonbury, CT area keeping us well grounded and accessible.

On the Commercial side, being certified in many different commercial product lines; including Medeco, Corbin Russwin, Schlage, and Marks to name a few, Ron will personally visit your Glastonbury, CT area location, professionally address your installation, repair, re-combination needs, etc and solve almost anything you can throw at him. Panic bars, door closers, electric access strikes, high security deadbolts, all installed and serviced with the utmost of professionalism and confidentiality.

Glastonbury CT pumpkinsOn the Residential side, all new homeowners in the Glastonbury, CT area should give Action Services Company a call and make an appointment for Ron to stop out and do a simple combination change. Often the existing locks on the door are a quality product without the need for replacement. What is essential though is to re-set the pins, assign a new key to the existing lock and ensure anyone that had a key now doesn’t. This is a rather benign procedure and much less expensive than new locks; while here, Ron will accompany you while performing a complimentary security audit. In today’s world, if you do not have deadbolts on every door, you should! Glastonbury, CT is a very safe and secure area but the elimination of old keys, servicing the locks and the installation of deadbolts is a very inexpensive deterrGlastonbury CT in the Autumnent to today’s random intrusions.  Action Services Company, Serving the Glastonbury, CT area for over 35 years.Better Business Bureau

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